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Norway found camo M40


Latest entry , ET 64 - 1941 dated alu reinforced liner.

Most of the camo colors are very dark so it's a bit unclear what the soldier's intention was with this one. There was a net on it at one time as it shows at the top.

It was found near a German prison camp in Oslo close to where Germans were building positions.



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I see the colors Frank. They look good. Prob even more prominent outside. It’s a Nice Camo. Fits in with its other Similar Camo buddies at your house. We all have a “type”. Nice matching condition throughout. Well preserved and no doubt saw some serious wartime service.


I love everything about this camo. Great patina and really like the dark subtle colors.

If it saw action in Norway during the winter time i am not surprised to see this look.

..just few centimeters and the eagle was killed.

Absolutely love this one!! Congrats

Excellent camo Frank - the liner and chinstrap are really nice too, in fact the chinstrap alone is quite desirable. Looked like it had a hard life.



Very nice Frank, congratulations, it looks like the helmet saw some war, haha

Honest & balanced. Any chance this is a KM ? Possible outlines around wing tips. At least that's what I think I see.

Either way...a good piece

Thanks, D


Quote from sysyphus on October 9, 2021, 5:56 pm

I love everything about this camo. Great patina and really like the dark subtle colors.


Agree. I really like this one. A real one looker.

I'm with David Frank ... and I think I commented in an email that it looked like a KM when you 1st got it.  Could be a dirty KM decal perhaps ? What do you think ?



Edit : Hard to Tell ... the lighter areas defintely look silver-ish but you would know.  I do see some outline around the (looking at it) top right wing