On this page I wish to thank all people that have critically viewed this site when it was being constructed and whom allowed me to use photos from their collection. Without them this site would not be as complete as it is today. (forum nicknames between brackets)

Belgium-Flag-1small Ivan (Langemarck) from Belgium                    american-flag1small   Ron (Ron R) from the USA

13177_flag_of_italy Andrea (Sysyphus) from Italy                      FranceFlag   Francis (Francis) from France

german-flag Neil (Wolfpack17) from Germany                    sweden_flag   Christian (Mr S) from Sweden

Bandera_Irlanda PJ (808) from Ireland                             canada_flag   Doug (DougB) from Canada

Flag_of_Norway Rune (Peiper) from Norway                         canada_flag   Roy (RoyA) from Canada

american-flag1small Jim (helmet2id) from the USA                      american-flag1small   Donald (Donald L) from the USA

american-flag1small Terry (M38) from the USA                          american-flag1small   Ken (KenB) from the USA

FranceFlag Thierry (Rosebud) from France                     sweden_flag  Anders L (Anders) from Sweden