If you ask me how I learned what I know about German helmets my answer is forums. On forums you can learn all there is to know about German helmets and you can test yourself at the same time. How do you do that ? Open a topic , skip all replies and look at the helmet , the decal and answer the question the topic poster asked. Then read the replies from others. That’s how I did it.

But as we are in the books section let me explain where they come in handy. Books are always nice to fall back on. You can’t remember literally everything. So from time to time I grab a book and have a look 🙂

The downside of books is that they can contain errors so again being part of an online forum community is a bonus. Below are my books recommendations. Be aware that some helmet books have been published that are complete rubbish. You can find these books on the Frauds and scams page.


  • The History of the German steel helmet : 1916 – 1945 by Ludwig Baer
    • Collectors call this the bible , it contains a wealth of information.
    • Published in 1985
  • German combat helmets : A Norwegian collection by Jan M. Meland
    • This book contains helmets all found by the author in Norway
    • The photos are the best ever seen in a book on German helmets
    • Published in 2014
  • Le casque Allemand : Tome 1 du M35 au M42 by Carole et Frédérik Suppo
    • This modern work is a very good all round book that touches on all the aspects of the German combat helmet.
    • Published in 2015 – Only available in French