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Normandy camo M35 – Q66 – 2550 euros

Nice worn and used M35 three color camo.
Q 66 , Heer helmet (apple green under the leather)
The helmet first received a reissue paint (you can see it painted up to the liner band and even some spilled onto it , which is a good indication all parts belong together)
Later it received the camouflage paint.

1939 dated liner band and 1938 dated chinstrap. Lot nr 2860.

Black heer reissue / camo – 1100 euros

This is a late war reissued helmet with 1944 dated rivets which carries the reissue Methner & Burger decal. Size is 64.

The helmet was repainted with black paint up to the liner band which is typical for wartime repaints and in this case they also painted around the decal.

Note that the rivets do not have washers on them. But you can see clearly they were installed as is. A similar vet found black helmet was posted on the WAF forum also having this feature.

Heer M35 DD “blackie” – Militaria Forums

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Luftwaffe airfield protection helmet – M34 – ON HOLD

One of the rarer civic helmet types to find. Size 64 , does not have the typical white band you usually see on many examples. The white band may have been dropped later during the war. Examples have been found where the white band was removed and overpainted even.

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