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Helmet Identification.


I'm not a helmet expert and have trouble picking the difference between models.

Could someone please tell me what this one is.




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I can say it’s definitely NOT a WW2 German Helmet but unsure which other country it is


Bulgarian or something. Not sure.

Looks like a Bulgarian M36 helmet. Alas repainted.

There are different versions of this helmet. But the liner rivets on this helmet are throwing me. The placement looks like an M36B but the rivets are too small. It's not an M36A as it has no rolled edge.

Liner is also not Bulgarian but closely matches the liner of the M36a (this model helmet was made I Germany I think)

Maybe these links help


G'day guys.

Thanks for the replies. I had guessed it wasn't original german and was repainted and the price was low which would support this. Your info was great MAP. You have helped me make a decision on it. It is for sale locatally for $150AUD.

A quick search online, now that I know what I am looking at, has shown that these can be bought for less than the seller is asking and in better, more original condition. Paricularly cheap overseas - I'm in OZ.

It has, however, sparked my interest in German style helmets. Previously I would want one from each army or country but visiting this site has shown me that there is just as much fun to be had in this particular field.

I will post pics of another couple of helmets that I do own. I would be interested to see what info you guys can give me on them. Both very cheap at the time and again not likely to be original German, in fact one may be a repro. I was more into firearms back then and would not have spent a lot on helmets.

In the meantime I guess I'll stick around a while.

Thanks again.