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M40 for review

Good afternoon chaps. I stopped doing shows a while back. But me and the boss decided to do a local small show this morning and I happened to chance upon this very nice no decal heavy grit M40 overpaint. The colour has me a little stumped. It's almost battleship grey.

I wonder if someone could let me know the branch of service on this one? A quist 64 lot nr T142  untouched apart from some donut felt penning 57 across the lot number😱 all rivets tight and a nice early strap.

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I see some olive green both on the leather and the strap grip. Also a bit of a concern for the lacking of grit paint whatsoever over the pins ?

Kind of grey green the dome painted too ?

Looks a bit modern to me this texture. The color is no issue.

I don't enjoy getting into negative reviews BUT...liner looks paint on inner liner band, not matching with interior paint application. I do see remnants of texture on the split pin heads...but the green splatter of paint on the leather & band is questionable. NOT a "well balanced" helmet

Thanks, D

I tend to agree with the comments. 😥 seems like I got carried away. There is green paint around the liner.....Czech post war? 🤔 some you win and some you loose. And on this one....I've lost. Albeit not a fortune. Never mind 🤣🤣🤣