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Apart from bookmarking this site for life becoming a member of an online collector community is highly recommended. I advise you to register at one or several online forums. There are great benefits for a passionate collector to become part of an international community. Most collectors are members of several forums.

Below a list of the forums I still participate in with their benefits and drawbacks.

Wehrmacht awards forum (specifically the John Burnett forum section about German helmets).

  • You can choose to pay for membership (not mandatory) , it costs 35 USD per year.
  • Old software which makes uploading photos slow
  • The helmet forum is an active one with a nice mix of helmets from top shelf to relic condition helmets. Also the for sale section is very good.

Warrelics forum

  • You can freely post there , if you make a donation of 25 USD you have some extra features.
  • Old software which makes uploading photos slow
  • The helmet section is moderately active with more topics focussing on lower grade quality helmets.
  • Poor classifieds section.

German Helmet Walhalla , this used to by my most recommended forum however after one of my posts got censored there I decided to stop posting.

  • There is a 25 USD membership fee in order to upload photos. You can see and read topics without paying the fee.
  • Up to date forum software , uploading is a breeze.
  • Not sponsored by dealers.
  • Active helmets forum with a good mix of top shelf and lower grade helmets.
  • Decent for sale section.

Dutch speaking collectors can find me on the Lowlands Militaria forum.

Click to go there


(Dutch website) A digital museum with WW2 memorabilia and personal stories. 

Forestry of the Third Reich

An interesting website of a lesser known subject.