Burglary Eyewitness Museum – Netherlands

In the night of 3rd of August burglars broke into the Eyewitness museum which is located in Beek in the Netherlands.

It is estimated that the burglary took only 5 minutes and that they knew exactly what they wanted to steal. The break in is suspected to be placed ‘on order’. Multiple cars were used and witnessess speak of 6 to 8 men that were involved.

The thieves stole 9 full mannequins

The museum which was founded in 2013 shows predominantly the collection of the owner. The thieves stole 9 full mannequins that were displayed in diorama’s behind glass. Also weapons and helmets were stolen.

(sourced from https://www.1limburg.nl/eyewitness-museum-dicht-na-inbraak-alles-kapotgemaakt)

Below some images of the stolen goods that was asked to be shared by the museum. If you come across any of the items please send a message to peter@libertymaastricht.nl

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  1. Steff August 15, 2020 / 2:29 pm

    That’s terrible and irreplaceable. Hope they find them.

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