Tracking the fakes #9

Fake news

Most of the helmets shown in this newsletter are often considered ‘easy fakes’ by experienced collectors. But they must be easy fakes to spot for the dealers selling them but apparently they are not or they are throwing them out there hoping they will turn real in the near future. It’s like a blast of fake news , once people keep seeing and reading about fake news chances are some will start to think it’s real. In that regard there are entire websites in business for decades dealing in these obvious fakes and asking top dollar. If they can get one such fake SS helmet sold per month for 6000 euros they already done good business. So don’t buy anything for huge amounts that you are not familiar with , always check with fellow collectors first.

Military Antiques in UK

Here’s a nice helmet that got a new set of decals and a new much higher price tag. Always a red flag helmets with these decals , in all my years of collecting I have not seen a good one yet.

Wharton Militaria

It should be so obvious this is fake , why omit this information from the description and compromise your integrity as a serious dealer ?

An M42 ‘raw edge’ German single decal Luftwaffe helmet in very good condition. The helmet shell is in excellent shape, marked ET64 and batched 2019. The steel integrity has not been compromised at all, there are none of the usual bumps or dents. The helmet shell retains its paint finish across its surface, decal is approx. 60%, a dot above the right wing is visable as second pattern type, a single strand type wire is fitted around the helmet outer, there are two initials painted into the rim. The liner is in good condition with the leather being reasonable though stiff in parts, liner is dated but difficult to read and sized 57. A good used Luftwaffe helmet.

Dealer’s description

Franz Furth Militaria

Franz wasn’t paying attention when he listed this HKP helmet with the obvious most common fake big foot decal for a hefty 990 euros.


Ebay always has been and will be a cesspit full of Third Reich fakes and frauds. Experienced collectors can pick them out easily but people hoping to score a rare helmet at half the price will be left with a hole in their wallet. Even sellers with a 100% are no guarantee and shill bidding happens very often.

Here’s a fake (not mentioned) FJ that can fool a lot of people. Remember sellers that know what these are worth can sell them faster to a dealer or private person. There’s no gain to sell an original FJ on ebay if you are a collector or dealer. Why give 10% to ebay ? (note 100% feedback)

By the way the below FJ was sold on the 29th of September for 1150 USD but apparently the buyer bailed or a shill bid won the auction instead. Now it’s relisted.

Here’s another piece of crap , a Normandy camo featured in a book with buy it now price of only 600 GBP. From a trusted ebay seller no less !

For the civic helmet collectors this would be something special , helas do walk on. Complete fantasy piece. Interior also repainted.

Relics are especially vulnerable on Ebay. Add some wire and price it up a 100%.

Original grid he says 🙂

You see that price or quality does not come into play when upgrading TR relics at any level helmets are getting humped up.

To close , another ‘cheap’ fake wire camo like there are so many. Fake dome stamp and painted name as well.

The sales text is funny though.

Original WW2 German Helmet. Size 68, Great condition minimal damages some scratches and the paint is messed up under the wire. SD, named, stamped, and marked well is in Brian Ice’s book
This listing contains no offensive markings and I do not support nazis or their ideas, my 98 year old grandfather was tortured by them 80 years ago and still remembers it better than he should.
Minimum offer is 400, act quick could get taken down!

That’s it again , have a great evening.


5 thoughts on “Tracking the fakes #9

  1. Rod Bowles October 6, 2020 / 9:03 pm

    Frank yet another superb and informative posting- I would be a lamb to the slaughter without you – keep up the great work sir! Very best Rod

  2. TheJackal October 6, 2020 / 9:38 pm

    Thanks Frank! Again nice posting.

  3. spudgun999 October 6, 2020 / 10:26 pm

    Thanks for the info.

  4. andym35 October 7, 2020 / 12:07 am

    Thanks Frank. Another very good post. It’s sink or swim I guess and if a collector is really keen to learn and avoid buying non-original pieces, then they will find your site and this thread through one of the forums. It’s really up to how much effort they want to put in.

  5. S Harvey October 7, 2020 / 12:39 pm

    Again many thanks so called reputable dealers peddling fakes!

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