Tracking the Fakes moves to the GHV community forum

Dear readers , you probably have noticed that I did not continue with my series ‘Tracking the Fakes’ for a long while now.

Due to time constraints it took me too long to finish new instalments making the information out of date and less useful.

I decided instead to put up fakes that I come across in a forum section called Tracking the Fakes on the community forum that I have set up on the German Vault Website.

All you need to do is log in there and “follow” that forum and you will receive a message each time a new topic is posted there.

Click this link to go there : German Helmet Vault

Have a great week-end


One thought on “Tracking the Fakes moves to the GHV community forum

  1. Senschu July 10, 2022 / 1:30 pm

    Frank can’t thank you enough it’s difficult at the best of times to authenticate and potentially purchase with confidence

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