German Helmet Vault Interactive experience ! Say What ?

Hello everyone , I am happy to announce that I finally made the decision to add a new feature to my website. It’s one that required some extra investment both in time and money but those that know me know that I always get excited about new projects. The goal of this project is to create interaction between my website and those that visit my website. Since I started the German Helmet Vault I have noticed that there are actually quite a lot of people not part of an online community and I get a lot of e-mails asking for advice. In order to fill that gap I decided to launch a small platform to which you can register and where you can chat about helmets , ask questions or show helmets from your collection. And no , it’s not just another forum. You will notice it’s much simpler and to the point , no bells and whistles.

I invited Andrea aka Sysyphus to join as moderator. For those whom do not know Andrea he is a very passionate German WW2 helmet collector from Italy. He has an intelligent and scientific approach to collecting and is very well know to those that visit the international forums.

Click HERE to join the German Helmet Vault community. It’s FREE and easy to use.

One thought on “German Helmet Vault Interactive experience ! Say What ?

  1. mlabovich December 21, 2019 / 9:41 pm

    I’ve created an account, but cannot read your complete responses and can’t find an email address to use. Please assist.

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